Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The Best Cydia Tweak For The iPhone & iPod Touch - SleepFX

This is a very cool tweak that gives your iPhone or iPod Touch a totally new and cool look effect! The main point or function of this tweak, is that it changes the way your device goes to "sleep". There are various effects you can choose from through this tweak such as: Fade Titles, Flip, Page Curl, Random, Spin, Split Columns, Suck, TV Tube, and Zoom These effects are even cooler when you choose a cool sound to go along with them. This tweak includes various sounds such as: Beam, Car Double, Car, Cosm, Emergency, Halo, Laser, Mystic, Shif, Signal, TV, and Watch. All this makes the tweak just that much cooler! So Check out the video and dont forget to go to my channel and subscribe for more videos like this! -TechShowsYou

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